Shipwreck Fest

This past Saturday we ventured to Anacortes for our second off island vendor gig at the Shipwreck Fest. We had to leave the island on Friday night as the first ferry would not have gotten us to the location on time on Saturday. All hotels and campgrounds around Anacortes were fully booked, but a friend tipped us off to the Port of Anacortes, where we were able to park our van and sleep and have a restroom close by.

5am the alarm clock went off and after we got some caffeine into our bleary-eyed selves we were ready to put our booth up. We found our spot easily and quickly unloaded the van. While I went in search for a parking spot nearby, Lance started setting up the booth. We were ready by about 6am, people were already starting to shop.

We had never been to the Shipwreck Fest, it is in essence simply one big swap meet and flea market, a place where you can find everything!!! I did the first walk-through and was quickly rather overwhelmed by the shear size of the market! I gave up about 45 minutes later and returned to our spot to release Lance, so he could go and take a gander.

The place got busier and busier, crowds steadily growing and we had a blast!!! The weather was perfect as well, not too hot, not too cold! Both Lance and I found some treasures for ourselves and of course sold some of our stuff to a myriad of people! I love living in the Pacific Northwest, people here are real! So unlike Southern California, where most people are pretending to be someone else (and yes, I did it too while living down there, it was almost imperative).

At 4pm we took the booth down, loaded everything up, went to Teriyaki Time for some good food and then drove over to the ferry landing. We missed the ferry by minutes (as it was running late), but we had a reservation for the next one anyways. We parked the van in the first spot, nobody else was there yet, sat down on a table and enjoyed the view over to Guemes Island while eating our dinner.

Vans come in so handy while waiting in ferry lines. After dinner we took turns taking naps on our comfy bed that Lance had built in the back of the van. Eventually we made it home by 10pm. It was a long, but fun day and we will be back for Shipwreck Fest 2019!

Our next off island gig will be Crafts By The Dock in Port Townsend on September 8 and 9. We are already looking forward to catch up with some friends we made there last year! Stay tuned!

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