New year, new projects!

First off, happy New Year!!! We celebrated quietly and cozy at home with the dogs. Lance was actually creative up until almost 11pm on New Years Eve, hammering and soldering away in his workshop!

In December he started working on building his own forge to start making knives. He feels that he needs to tap into the men behind the women that buy his jewelry and offer something that will appeal to them. He has spent many hours researching different forge styles and watching hundreds of youtube videos on how to built one on a budget. He figured out how to create the burner and is now scouting for fire bricks to build the actual forge. I will keep you posted on that progress.

Just before Christmas he got a couple custom orders in for earrings. One of them studs for a young man. After several trial and errors (thank goodness silver can be molten down if it doesn’t turn out right), as he had never made studs before, he came up with a viable unisex option. He also made some of his signature Leviathan West earrings for a good friend, they are unmistakably his design. See for yourself! First are the studs, second the other pair.

Over the past three weeks he has been working on a weather vane! An idea and dream he had for over a year now, ever since he saved an old copper kitchen hood from going into the landfill. He has been plotting and planning, researching and drawing, scratching out and starting over for months now. But the week before Christmas he had enough of his own procrastination and he got started! Needless to say that I barely saw him the past few weeks, he was so immersed in his newest “baby”!

I witnessed the humble beginnings of it and then left him alone in his workshop only to be astonished last week when I finally got to see what he had been up to! He had made a purse seiner (fishing boat for all that don’t know what that is) completely out of copper, with a turning drum and everything!

He is currently adding the finishing touches, the directionals (North, South, East, and West), the rod the boat will sit on and spin and will then have to figure out a price for it. He is already plotting his next weather vane design!

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