It’s all about the boats…

Lance finished his weather vane and it works, we tried it out in our yard. It will hopefully find a nice house or barn roof soon to call its new home.

The boat theme is far from over this season as Lance is now feverishly working on new wooden boat models made from driftwood. He started a big one by disassembling our bench outside (which he made from a big chunk of driftwood two years ago), but then abandoned it for the moment as it got too heavy, as he is making a boat for a local tavern that ill be having from the ceiling.

After going back to the drawing board he decided to make the boat using the lapstrake technique (strips of wood overlapping each other). The boat is almost done and it looks fabulous! It is the biggest one he made to date.

And it ain’t over, he is plotting to finish the “heavy” hunk to be put on a stand. Well, all I can say is that we will find out soon what comes out of that. He is also busy getting ready for the coming Spring and Summer Season, with regular farmer’s markets starting in April and his application turned in and approved for another season as a selling artist in Roche Harbor! Stay tuned!

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