Going off island

Last weekend was our first time going off island to sell at a Festival. We had been playing with the thought of selling at a bigger event for a while, but had been hesitant, not knowing what to expect. Well, we finally took the leap and headed for the Crafts By The Dock event in Port Townsend, WA. Crafts By The Dock is always on the same weekend as the famous Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival, so we knew that there would be a lot of people milling about.

We arrived on Friday, hours before we were able to set up and just got a first look and a sense for the place. We also needed to load up some sandbags to weigh down our canopy, since it can get quite windy in Port Townsend. Around 4pm we met Donna, who has been organizing and delegating the whole event. She showed us our spot and we started setting it all up. Slowly our “neighbors” starting to show up and the place got busy.

We were able to camp right across the street from our booth in the town’s Football/Baseball field. We found a spot and set up camp. Not only was this our first weekend selling off island, it was also our first time ever camping out in our “new” Astro Cargo van. Lance had made a little platform bed and I had taken care of making it cozy, adding that certain feminine touch.

It started to rain during the night, and the morning was a bit wet. It didn’t hamper our enthusiasm and we happily set up Lance’s jewelry and opened up our booth. People showed up in droves, despite the weather, but sales were rather slow that first day. Part of it was that we didn’t quite know what to expect and what clientele to cater to. It is all one big learning experience. I would give Lance breaks, so that he could go and check out the other vendors and make some new connections.

The second day we woke up to welcome sunshine and a much better day. We ended up doing okay, at least we didn’t end up in the red, which means this endeavor was a success! At 5pm we packed up in record time, we had a ferry to catch. We made the ferry with time to spare and treated ourselves to a hearty hamburger dinner in Coupeville. Then we slowly made our way to the next ferry terminal, where we parked and slept a few hours until the first ferry took us back to our island haven at 4am. Lance got to relax and catch up on some sleep, I had to go straight to work.

Turned out going off island to sell is a lot of fun and we are currently looking for further opportunities to spread our wings.

On the ferry to Anacortes! 
Fully loaded van, where is our bed? 
Camp is set up! 
Lance and his driftwood paddles! 

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