Lance Hargis is a free spirited artist with a carpentry and construction background. A gypsy and surfer at heart he moved up to the Pacific Northwest from San Diego in 2013. Living a quiet life on a quaint island in the Salish Sea really unleashed his creativity and he has been creating unique jewelry ever since he moved here. He also loves to work with wood and makes shadow boxes, paddles and cocktail forks amongst many other things. He is always interested in learning new techniques and evolving new designs. He loves to check out other artists work and dabble in watercolor, pencil drawing and would love to work with clay in the future. The rare instances he is not creating anything, he loves to go crabbing and fishing in his little boat and hang out with the dogs.

Carmen Wolflisberg moved to the island in 2014 on a quest to escape the big city of Los Angeles and get back to her country girl roots. She was born and raised in Switzerland and has been working in a myriad of different jobs, gaining lots of valuable experience. She is the behind the scenes gal for Leviathan West Designs updating Social Media and Website, taking photos and making sure the accounting part is all straightened out.